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You can upload your recent Sierra Leone photos here on this page and after we verify the photo We might add it to the site if approved.

The Terms of Service for posting are important and should be read and accepted before you choose to participate. We encourage contributors who are courteous, polite and respectful.

1. You must be the photographer and copyright holder of all material posted to SierraLeonePictures.com

2. You grant SierraLeonePictures.com the right to use your images for display anywhere on the SierraLeonePictures.com site.

3. SierraLeonePictures.com is not responsible for unauthorized usage of your images outside the SierraLeonePictures.com site.

Type of Photographs and size requirements:

  • Size: 800 X 600 pixels
  • Format: .JPG
  • Only photographs are permitted and NOT People photos
  • Accepted photographs such as: Natural Scenery,Forests,Trees,Mountains,Sunsets,Streets,Roads,Landscapes,Rivers,markets,Food,
  • Cannot contain frame, gradients, textures, blurring or beveling, but may contain the photo's title and/or the member's name.

      • Advertising of commercial websites is not permitted.
      • Infrared photos are not allowed.

Strictly NO People Images Allowed
Please read the guide lines above