Joseph’s journey that started in his native village in Sierra Leone has taken him through a thousand miles. The journey exposed him to different music worlds; shaped his music tastes, ideas, styles and have defined the distinctive voice and the feel good mood in his music. His type of music is a fusion of the rhythms, philosophies and lyrics typical of the journey. These are detectable in the rhythms and lyrics of the music – things which make his music sound warm, original and really fresh. Just listen to the tracks “Mr. Somebody”, “Sweet Salone” or “Keep on keeping on”, “1000 Miles” or “Your Love”. You will notice that you really cannot easily classify these tracks in any of the established music categories. The theme is definitely set. We sure will get more tracks from the thousand miles journey.

The journey continues. Since graduating with honors from the Rotterdam Conservatoire in 2007, Joseph has founded the Rotterdam-based Bangura Productions. Through this company he has taught music, written songs and produced music. He has performed on some of the biggest stages and with famous Dutch artists such as Marco Borsato, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Rapper Raymzter and many others. He is increasingly a regular voice in major festivals and in broadcasts in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. He is increasingly featured on popular radio and TV channels and the press in the Netherlands, Sierra Leone, the Gambia and the USA. His recently released album is a hit especially among his compatriot Sierra Leoneans. The tracks are regularly played on, (USA), Voice of America Show [Africa Beat] and Unique Radio (the Gambia). Salone Radio in the USA awarded him as the Artist of the month December 2009.

In Sierra Leone, eight radio stations including Radio UNAMSIL (station created by the UN Peace Keeping Force) regularly play his tracks! His track “Mr. Somebody” sums the present stage of the journey: the introduction! His new album “Journey of a Thousand Miles” is highly rated and recommended for easy listening. You can get the CDs or buy and directly download the tracks online from iTunes, Amazon Disc On-Demand, and 14 other online stores.

Joseph Bangura Picture