Arts, Culture and Music of Sierra Leone

  • Art: the art in the country of Sierra Leone comprises mainly of traditional native forms. Apart from performing arts like dance that revolve around the country's religious ceremonies, the handicrafts of Sierra Leone like textile weaving, leather-crafts, basket weaving, pottery and rug making are immensely popular.

      • Culture: culture and tradition in Sierra Leone is a rich remain of the country's historical past along with its national disturbance. Most of the cultural aspects and practices in the country, however, carry down via hierarchy. Of these the oral tradition is of immense importance. It not just preserved and propagated the native language, it also kept alive the legends and myths of the land that would otherwise have been lost. Also the proverbs from the Kiro district keep alive the wisdom of the ancestors of the land.
          • Music: the music of Sierra Leone is a rich mix of the native traditions with French traits thrown for good measure. One of the renowned musical genres originating in Sierra Leone is called the "Palm Wine".
              • The genre gets its name from a drink by the same name, which were served at places that played this type of music. You can hear versions of it all along the west coast of Africa. The Palm Wine is performed to the accompaniment of an acoustic guitar and drum. The formal name for the genre is "Maringa".